Vadim Blaustein Foundation - non-profit private family foundation
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Vadim BlauStein Foundation is a non-profit private family foundation. Ever since its creation, Vadim BlauStein Foundation has been actively supporting projects and initiatives in the areas of justice, public health, culture, industry and commerce, science, and sport.

We serve the communities in which we live and work through supporting efforts aimed at improving the quality of life for people with life-limiting medical conditions, providing equal access to justice and human rights, promoting healthy development of children and young people through sport, and strengthening the development of civil society. We also support microfinance programs committed to alleviating poverty, the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism, and programs which are designed to promote industry and commerce, as well as to nurture innovation in the area of science.

We have a long-standing commitment to give back to the communities we serve locally and globally, and we will continue to seek opportunities and expand our efforts to support and empower the communities in which we operate.

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Vadim BlauStein Foundation is a non-profit, private family foundation that was founded in 2013. The purpose of the foundation is to improve the health and well-being of children and adults worldwide.  The foundation advances this mission primarily through contributions to educational, cultural and public-benefit causes. We seek to support those who are the greatest in need and opportunities to leverage our funds domestically and globally.

The BlauStein corporate art collection illustrates our enduring dedication to the arts. We strongly believe in supporting the careers of living artists by purchasing paintings, drawings and sculptures from both emerging and well-established artists.

The pieces in our collection, which are proudly displayed throughout our offices, create an interesting and stimulating environment for our clients, staff and partners. The pieces of traditional and modern art are carefully selected to reflect our diverse, close-knit corporate culture and our unique identity.

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We believe that it is important to provide children with resources to enable growth. To this end, we have contributed towards improving and building safe, educational and sports facilities.  In 2013, Vadim BlauStein Foundation sponsored a Dutch youth field hockey club. Additionally, we also seek to make a difference by supporting young leaders across different areas of study through mentoring and coaching programs at universities.

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As part of its mission to give back to the community, Vadim BlauStein Foundation is dedicated to helping children and their families overcome the challenges and hardships brought upon by life-threatening medical conditions or chronic diseases. We provide both financial and fundraising assistance to help defray expenses related to medical treatments and operations for children affected by cancer or are suffering from chronic, life-altering diseases.

We aim to give these children a chance to take part in leisure and recreational activities, play, learn and explore, just like many other children. We believe that by providing financial assistance for families with children that have medical needs, we can help these children live a normal life and experience better health and well-being.

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Do you have a question or would like more information about Vadim BlauStein Foundation? Then send us a message via the contact form, email us at or reach us by phone +31 880 200 200.

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